postpartum doula care

Doulas nurture, educate and connect you to resources so you can thrive during the first tender year of your new baby's life and become the parents you wish to be.


Postpartum doula support is especially helpful if you are:

  • experiencing emotional complications (insomnia, depression, anxiety, irritability, afraid to be alone with your baby)

  • having a slow recovery from birth (as a result of surgery, injury or trauma)

  • parenting twins or other multiples

  • a single parent

  • having feeding challenges

  • have an infant with special or high needs

  • living far away from family and friends

  • feel like you can't do this alone and need more help


Parenting is hard work and all families deserve and benefit from experienced, compassionate support.

To learn more about how doulas make a difference visit DONA International

"It is time to reclaim the postpartum period and reinstate it to its rightful place as the important conclusion of the childbearing story, something that deserves as much forethought as pregnancy and birth." 

- Heng Ou, The First Forty Days


Support visits tailored to your needs:

  • Willing, efficient, practical household help with cooking, dishes, errands, laundry, taking out trash, vacuuming, organizing and more

  • Respectful, open minded answers to questions you may have about caring for your new baby including approaches to feeding and sleep

  • Skilled, experienced childcare for your new baby and older children so you can sleep, eat, bathe, get things done and have some time to yourself

  • Compassionate, non-judgmental companionship and emotional support


● Extensive referrals to local resources

Punctual, professional delivery of services

● Daytime phone, text and email support between visits and throughout the postpartum year

A schedule of support that meets your needs: Visits can be daily, weekly, a few times a week or on a week to week basis. I provide as few as one visit and as many as daily visits for several months. Some families contact me prenatally, many reach out after their baby or babies are born. Some families schedule months in advance and some contact me on a week to week, as needed basis. Most visits are three hours or more. Every situation is different, as every family is different.

I am available for:

  • childbirth education

  • prenatal planning/preparation sessions

  • postpartum care

  • lactation support 


I am not currently offering Birth Doula Care or Know Your Options workshops.

Join me online for Childbirth Education Classes at The Birthplace at Franklin Medical Center. Classes cover birth basics, labor support, tools for labor pain & progress, postpartum recovery, newborn care and breast/chest feeding. Or schedule a customized, private class online or in person.

As a lactation counselor in training, I am now offering:

FREE virtual & in person lactation support.

Early and frequent support as you learn to breast/chest feed can make a big difference and bring ease and comfort during a time of profound adjustment. Support can be offered via email, text, phone or in person.